Abstracts must be submitted via the website. Submissions forwarded by e-mail, fax, post or courier will not be accepted.

Abstract submission deadline is 25/01/2023. Congress registration is mandatory to send an abstract.

All papers to be presented at the congress should be in a content that can contribute to scientific developments and literature in implant dentistry and related fields, and should contain a conclusion message. It is possible to make two types of presentations (oral papers/posters) at the congress. Oral presentation applications will only be accepted in original research format, while poster applications can be made in the form of original research, case report or case series.

Papers can optionally be sent as a full text or as an abstract. Abstracts or full texts will be published in the congress abstracts book.

Each participant can take part as an author in more than one paper, but can only submit one application as a presenter.

Abstracts can be assigned to one of the following topics:
  • Clinical research - Surgery
  • Clinical research - Prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Clinical research - Support therapy
  • Clinical research - Periimplantar biology - Hard and soft tissue regeneration
  • Periimplantitis - Risk factors, diagnosis, treatment
  • Basic research - Risk factors
  • Clinical innovations
Instructions for Abstract Submission
  1. Abstracts should be submited through the abstract submission system.
  2. Preferred presentation style (Oral presentation/Poster Presentation) of the papers should be selected.
  3. Abstracts should be prepared in Turkish and English and submission rules should be followed.
  4. Academic titles should not be used in author names.
  5. The names of the authors should be written without abbreviations, with the first letter capitalized. (Ex: Ahmet Tekin)
  6. Information about the institution and the city where the authors work must be specified.
  7. The abstract should not contain any information that would enable the authors of the study to be identified.
  8. Only the first letter of the abstract title should be capitalized.
  9. If abbreviation is used in the abstract, the expansion should be written first, and then the abbreviation should be specified in parentheses.
  10. The abstract should be written using the titles of Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusion.
  11. Tables, figures, graphics and pictures should not be used in abstracts.
  12. Minimum three keywords should be written for each abstract.
  13. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words, excluding the title, author's name and surname, institution name and keywords.
  14. Posters should be prepared in accordance with the poster preparation rules determined by the congress scientific committee.
  15. Abstracts submitted after the deadline or which do not comply with the abstract submission rules will be disqualified. The abstracts sent to the system can be updated/corrected until the last submission date.
Oral Presentations to be Published in Full Text
  1. Full texts should consist of Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Comments.
  2. The abstract should be prepared according to the above mentioned rules.
  3. The main text should be prepared in Turkish. Except for the abstract, full text should not exceed 3500 words. It can contain Graphics, Tables, Figures and Pictures.
Poster Presentations

Posters accepted by the Paper Evaluation Committee will be exhibited as E-Posters. Preparation and submission instructions will be sent to the authors following the abstract acceptance.

Abstracts Evaluation

Abstracts will be subject to the blind evaluation process by the Scientific Committee / Paper Evaluation Committee. (Keeping the information of the authors confidential) Authors will be notified with the result of the evaluation via e-mail. In order for the papers to be included in the scientific program and the abstracts book, the presenting author must have completed the congress registration until 15/12/2022.

As a result of the evaluation, the scientific committee reserves the right to accept or reject the paper, and in case of acceptance; change the form of the paper, depending on the content of the study and the number of applications.

  1. Prizes will be awarded among those who will participate in the competition in the fields of the most successful oral presentation and the most successful poster presentation.
  2. Each person can enter the competition with only one study. The presenter of the award must be registered to the congress. The reward will be given to the presenter.
  3. Candidates can be co-authors in other papers.
  4. The awards are intended to encourage young researchers (PhD/Specialist students and freelance dentists). Therefore, persons titled Dr., Assoc.Prof. and Prof. and members of the OSSEDER Board of Directors can not be nominated directly for the award. However, they can be co-authors of the papers.
  5. Papers applying for the award must comply with scientific publication ethical rules. https://www.yok.gov.tr/Sayfalar/Kurumsal/mevzuat/bilimsel-arastirma-ve-etik-yonetmeligi.aspx
Certificate of Attendance

Will be sent digitally to attendees at the end of the congress.